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You don't need to buy any test prep books. We've got you covered.

Our curriculum is intensive and goes above and beyond the standard 8th-grade math and reading classes to fully ensure that our students have a leg up on their competition. We go into high-school-level concepts like basic geometry and statistics to make sure that students not only know how to memorize equations but also the approach to getting those answers. Below is a comprehensive list of all the topics we will be covering over our seminars.

Math Curriculum


- 2 digit multiplication of decimals and fractions

- Mixed numbers

- Graphing negative numbers on a number line


- Finding an unknown

- Identifying word problems

- Solving systems of equations

- Graphing a line according to standard form and slope-intercept form

- Quadratic equations

Probability and Statistics

- Mean/Median/Mode

- Correlation Coefficient

- Random Variables

- Independent and dependent events

- Word Problems


- Knowing how many angles/sides per shape

- Adding all the angles up

- Areas and Perimeters

- Pythagorean Theorem

- Sine and Cosine

- Parallel lines

English Curriculum

Grammar and revisions:

- Commas

- Semicolons

- Sentence completions

- Dependent and independent clauses

- Colons and lists

- Reading out loud strategy

- Sentence variety

- ACT grammar prep questions

Reading comprehension:
- Making inferences

- Showing without telling

- Main ideas

- Learning how to tell them apart from smaller themes and how to get them from skimming

- Themes

    - Learning what they are and why they’re important

- Strategies to save time on the test.

    - Outlines, skimming, reading questions first

- Science readings and understanding conclusions

- Anthropological and Historical Readings

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