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Why 1-on-1?

In tutoring and test preparation, the needs of the few (rather, the one) outweigh the needs of the many. One-on-one tutoring caters to the needs of the individual mind. For instance, a student strong in math and not as strong in language arts can breeze through the math section with his tutor, with focus on limiting careless errors, and then take more time to work through the language arts portion. The student is not limited to the topics discussed in the class and is also not limited by the pace of the class. The student is at liberty to ask questions that they may be afraid to ask in class because they may embarrass themselves with a “dumb question”. One-on-one is entirely distraction-free for both the tutor and the student, freeing both of them up to focus solely on the algebra question or literary passage at hand. For test prep, one-on-one tutoring is the best kind there is, and at Students for a Stellar Future, we offer it entirely free of charge. Test prep books and calculators are available free of charge as well and will be distributed to you on your first lesson.

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