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Cofounder, Tutor

Daniel Wolf is a co-founder of Students for a Stellar Future. Daniel is in his junior year at Horace Mann School. He received high percentile scores on the ISEE, (89/95/99/99) and scored a 554 on the SHSAT, being admitted into Stuyvesant. He is equally comfortable tutoring in both Math and Language Arts. He received a perfect 800 on the Math Level 2 SAT Subject Test.

In his spare time, Daniel enjoys filmmaking (and film watching!) as well as writing and producing plays. He is also an avid chess player and will happily play with anyone before or after their session.



Cofounder, Tutor

Jude Rizzo is a co-founder and tutor here at Students for a Stellar Future. He is currently a junior at Stuyvesant High School, where he is the president of the rocketry club as well as a tutor at Star Learning Center. His first experience with the SHSAT was in early September of 8th grade when he had decided that he had wanted to go to Stuyvesant for high school. He went to a local tutoring center to teach middle and high school math and has experience with all mathematics courses through high school. He received a 36 on the ACT exam and scored a 554 on the SHSAT.

In his spare time, Jude likes to ski and pursue his hobbies of building and rocketry.




Alan Levita is the Chief of Operations Officer (COO) of Students for a Stellar Future. He is currently in his sophomore year at Rutgers University as part of the Honors Program, where he is majoring in Cell Biology & Neuroscience and double minoring in Russian and Linguistics. Alan is comfortable in tutoring both ELA and math, and has experience with nearly all math classes in high school up to and including AP Calculus. He has also consistently performed in the 99% percentile for standardized testing. 

In his spare time, Alan likes to go cycling and binge Netflix shows. Additionally, he is also a skilled speed chess player.

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